How to Hire the Right Video Production Company for your Livestream

How to Hire the Right Video Production Company for your Livestream

Live streaming provides the ability to engage attendees who were unable to come to your event. It allows you the opportunity to engage and share educational or important messages with them in their possible remote or international locations. So for that reason and more you decide you want to live stream your upcoming event, but you know nothing about how live streaming works. You know that you want to hire the best video team that understands your vision and can execute a top-notch quality video, so where do you start?

Research Video Production companies

The first thing that should come to mind is research. Research is the one word that our teachers/professors advised us to do countless time. It’s the word that comes to mind when you think of homework or writing a paper but it’s also the one concept that never fades in every aspect of life. So what do you research? You want to research production companies that have live streaming capabilities. You can search through Google, DesignRush, or Thumbtack, all great at finding companies that may be of interest to you. We’re recognized as a top Video Marketing Company on DesignRush. Once you find those companies look at their video sample. The sample live stream videos will show you their quality visually and allows you to picture your event being in their hands. Is the sample video clear, is the audio good, do they capture the ambiance of the event? Some of those questions may be answered by viewing their video sample and some may not, but this is the moment you should be able to narrow down companies that you want reach out to, to answer some more questions. The companies in the narrowed down list include ones with live streaming capabilities and good video samples.

Create a Narrowed-down list of possible candidates

Once you have your narrowed list it’s time to reach out to each candidate. A good narrow list should include at least five choices but no more than ten. Having too many on your narrowed down list will allow you to get lost in the sauce. It’s always best to reach out to the possible candidates by email, which you will find on their website. You will inform them through email that you have an upcoming event that you want to be live streamed. You will explain your vision for the video, inform them of the event date/time and request a quote. By informing them that it’s a webcast on a specific date for a specific given time frame, give them freedom of knowing their availability. By sharing your vision of the project, it allows them to give you an accurate quote. Your vision includes details of how you want the final product to be delivered and filmed. Will there be powerpoint slides, speakers, audience participation, etc.? Your vision gives the video team the ability to understand what equipments they need so they can deliver your goal.

What are good Livestream equipment?

Now, you have quotes from each candidate with a breakdown of their webcast equipment. So unless you miraculously learned about how live streaming works, we now have to do some more……Research! Fun, fun, fun! What are we researching now? We are researching each candidate’s equipment. You want the candidate that you choose to have the finest, most up-to-date, reliable equipment for your live stream. You will research equipment cost, durability, client reviews and year it was created which you can find on B&H website. Usually old and low-priced equipment are not the most dependable so you want to find the candidate that has the best dependable equipment.

You now have the candidate or candidates that have live streaming capability, great video sample, and the most up-to-date or reliable equipment to produce a top-notch video for your live stream. The only thing left to do now is to choose one that is within your budget or one that you most feel understands your vision. At this point, all the research is done and you can kick back knowing that you, Hired The Right Video Production Company for your Livestream.