Frequently Asked Questions

What cameras does TE Use?

We use a few different models for filming, such as:

  • Sony FS700 4k
  • Sony FS7mkII 4k
  • Sony Mirrorless 6500

Do you work outside of New York

Yes depending on the project, we have worked as far as Ghana, in Africa, London, Sweden, and Toronto. We provide video production in Washington DC, Baltimore Maryland, Boston and various places on the east coast.

Do you have a studio?

Yes we do, we are limited to 1 person interview, we are comfortable coming to your facility and setting up the appropriate gear to film at your location.

How can I make an affordable corporate video?

Book Full Day 10 hour production, have a set schedule, try to decrease locations, have a clear script or questions. Have brief answers. Have examples for your video to show the video production company.

A lot of our clients add cost to their videos by adding different locations that are irrelevant

How many people are on your team?

For production we start from as little as one to 12 people. For post production we have 5 editors.

How long does it take to get an edit draft after the shoot?

It depends on the schedule and budget, we can have it done same day, or the next. The average is 7 days.