Facebook Marketing Event

Facebook Inc hired Production Company Transcendent to create a promotion video to display an event that promotes their products to influencers.


One winter evening, Facebook Inc use Gary’s Loft, a plush venue that embodied the brand of Facebook. Facebook set up multiple stations displaying all their products. We were tasked to film each station to promote the vast products Facebook has and document the ambiance of the environment. This venue was amazing, Facebook used all two levels plus the rooftop. The theme of the layout gave a home feel, it was a full living room present amongst the display stations.  This was one of our favorite jobs of the year, there was great food, great people,  and great booze. We do not drink on the job, FYI.

Our Approach

With events and venue like this there are a few obstacles that a experienced video production company would know how to handle. For event lighting is critical and priority to the event space. The event is catered to the guest. We understand that, so we work to be incognito and very respectful to the guest experience.  We recording in large format (4k) and with a fast lens to capture the best quality possible to have enough information in the video for low lighting. The space audio was loud so we filmed with direct microphones to try to eliminate any unnecessary sounds. We captured a blurb from each station then filmed supporting clips to best tell their story. This corporate video required a fast turn around so we went into post production right away. We created this video for the client 24 hours later.

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