Chris Alvarez of Transcendent Enterprise on Young Hustlers with Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt

The Genius of Marketing and Sales Grant Cardone, gave me the opportunity to be on one of his shows Young Hustler on his network, The experience was great, very practical down to earth people I was able to promote my company Transcendent Enterprise. We spoke about the word Transcendent, even though my iPhone 5 distorted my words I was able to go back and forth with the heroes of middle class. Why I say this guy is a genius, he was able to pose a challenge to me to create a video for him. This is in progress right now. He is giving me the platform to really show out, and that is why I say Thanks Grant. Make the time to go see this guys content, his team does a great job and his content is rich. If you are a entrepreneur you need Grant in your tool box.

Watch the video below to witness my call in to the show.

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