What Is 360 Video?

The 360 VR video Experiences gives viewers a more indepth perspective of a video. TVs are limited to borders, VR video doesn’t have borders when viewed with VR googles. There are moments where one camera view isn’t enough because there is so much going on. This is the best solution. We strongly believe this experience works best when you want to really impress somone with a different tactic,. If you need to represent your product at a showcase, giving your future client a perspective through the VR experience is a going to be strong sell.

About Transcendent’s 360 Video ?

Transcendent Enterprise is a video production company based  New York City providing video services with 360 VR video.  Our Virtual Reality Rig is not made of up gopro cameras. Our cameras are comprised of a higher quality. We use Z E1 camera which is similar to the black magic pocket camera or the panasonic GH4 camera. The rig we use is from Izugar, the z4xl. It offers a sharp high quality, more than a system with gopros. What does that mean. Our rig can function in a lower lighter setting then a rig with gopros.

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